Other ways to promote the Singapore Budget

When the first story broke about the Ministry of Finance getting 50 Instagram influencers to help it raise awareness of the Singapore national Budget 2018, I knew the pitchforks would come out for the government’s marketers.

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Closing thoughts of 2017

This year has been a most remarkable one.

On the work front, I have just completed one full calendar year at Razer (I joined Aug 2016) and it has been an amazing non-stop adventure.

Now, I don’t write ever about work on this blog, but I am always thankful to have a job where there is so much to learn, and daily opportunities to change the world. For example, it was incredible to be part of an IPO and launch a new smartphone category all in the same November week!

On the personal front, what made this year special was how much I dived into books, and let go of things I never thought I would.

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Books that made a difference in my life

For too many years, I did not believe in the power of self-improvement books. I always believed that there must be a catch, and these books must have been written simply to profit off the weak minds of readers. After all, why aren’t more people better off if these books were really useful?

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We need more good leaders

When I was in our school’s 24-man dragonboat team in 1994, I was seated on the first row out of 12 rows because I was one of the shorter guys.

My rowing partner Naveen and I were coached by the previous pair of front rowers (simply by paddling behind them for one entire year) on how to set the rowing pace of the boat according to different water conditions and how other rival boats were performing.

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Some thoughts on the diabetes issue in Singapore

We were discussing about food choices in the office and my colleague said to me “You’re lucky to have high metabolism.”

I said, “What? I don’t have a high metabolic rate. In fact, I gain weight easily.”

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