What God has done for me

It’s Good Friday, and I’d like to share some urgent thoughts about God’s steadfast love, Jesus and eternal life.

This is not an easy post to write, because I find it very difficult to write a blog post in my 40s. I don’t really share my thoughts the way I used to in the past decades. Where I used to rant about everything from the education system to political matters, I now prefer to observe more and understand better about things as I strive to improve what I can. Age does things to you.

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Dissecting my digital detox

To fight an addiction, it’s not enough to know you are an addict. You need to ask why you are addicted and the consequences of remaining in this state. Then you need to act.

On 18 Dec 2018, I read an article for Christians about digital detoxing and I decided it was time to tackle my addiction to Facebook. (Thankfully I’m not enamored with Instagram or Twitter)

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2018 : A year about habits and mindsets

To kick off this annual look-back for 2018, let me start with the most recent thing.

Five days ago (18 Dec), I read this article about a digital detox on the Desiring God website, and as if someone pressed a reset button in my head, I simply made up my mind to get off Facebook for the remaining days of 2018, and I did it.

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40sumthin’ – Making sense of our role models

I’ve been reading lots of Jim Rohn in recent months ever since I stumbled upon his self-help writings. One of the things he wrote is that we should study our own lives to draw the lessons from them.

At first I didn’t really pay heed to this advice, but it got stuck in my brain. I have a terrible memory for events, but I can remember the influence of certain people much better.

So I took out my fancy fountain pen (purchased for those special reflective moments!) and wrote a list of the positive, negative and neutral role models in my life.

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40sumthin’ – For the fellow middle-aged

A few disturbing things happened to me when I entered my forties.

I became long-sighted, more penny-pinching, and more OCD about having no clutter in the house. I was no longer getting caught up in sudden frenzies over a newfound hobby, nor did I feel the need to ride my beloved motorcycle regularly.

But most disconcertingly –  I didn’t know what to write on this blog anymore.

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Closing thoughts of 2017

This year has been a most remarkable one.

On the work front, I have just completed one full calendar year at Razer (I joined Aug 2016) and it has been an amazing non-stop adventure.

Now, I don’t write ever about work on this blog, but I am always thankful to have a job where there is so much to learn, and daily opportunities to change the world. For example, it was incredible to be part of an IPO and launch a new smartphone category all in the same November week!

On the personal front, what made this year special was how much I dived into books, and let go of things I never thought I would.

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