Singapore Licence Plate Generator

If you are bidding for a Singapore licence plate for a car or motorcycle, you’ll probably be wondering how the Land Transport Authority comes up with the last alphabet of every plate. For example, the “L” in SKR22L or the “Z” in SJN555Z. It’s some complex formula I won’t go into, but here’s a nifty online tool to find your ideal plate number combo for future series of plates.

How To Use

Enter your first three letters (eg. SKW) and then 1-4 digit numbers (eg. 84) in the first two blue boxes. (You might need to double-tap on mobile devices). Then tap on third green box to generate the licence plate number.

Example: If you are bidding for SKW and 84, the final plate number would be SKW84G.  It’s a bit clunky as this is actually an Excel sheet, sorry!

Background: My friend and fellow motorcyclist Sergei Lukasevits is a numbers whiz. Our group of bikers were discussing ideal bike licence plate numbers and he came up with this Excel sheet to allow quick checks. I embedded the file via OneDrive, so it’s finally usable by the public.

Of course, the tool won’t tell you how much your plate is worth 🙂 Please share this if you found it useful, thanks!


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