As a Bible believer, I believe that Jesus is my Savior and died on the cross for me to save me from my sins and to grant me eternal life after I’m dead on Earth. I’ve written some posts here in recent years about my thoughts on Christianity and believers which you may find interesting.

Compiled below are my old writings, written shortly after I became a Christian in 1997 depicting the many questions I had about my new faith.

Most of them were letters to my church mates in LKBC. It’s a wonder they even bothered to read these long and rambling pieces. Even I flinch at my own verbosity.

Thankfully, my years with TNP have helped me to write only what is necessary, and express myself more clearly.

These articles were also posted on my old website, and I thought it’s about time I moved it here. The initial burst of faith is memorable, but as we grow older, we look back and wonder where our fervent self went to.

Still, it is a snapshot (or rather, many snapshots) of who I used to be. Before I became more cynical, more bitter, yet more reliant on God’s Will. If you want to know my Christian struggle, and when I began to lose my hair, here you go.

(This page was written on 7 Jan 2006 and the articles below originally written around 1999 to 2000)

Why I did not believe

Why I believed

Life as a young believer

Cool pickup lines for the novice

Mid-life crisis at age 22

The Devil assails me with doubt

What to pray for?

Me and CS Lewis

Why I go to church


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