Biker Bites: Getting Squeezed In Class 2A

A lot of people believe that a Class 2A motorcycle is good enough for daily commuting use. It’s true as the stalwart Honda Super Four (400cc) has been the most popular mid-range bike on our Singapore roads for the few decades. Even my aunty asked me why I don’t ride “that bigger Honda bike”.

However, this could be the class of motorcycles where bike dealers can squeeze buyers most effectively. If you are looking for the best deal in Class 2A, you may only want to buy used, and not new motorcycles.


With a very narrow range of models in the 201-400cc range, dealers can charge prices for new Class 2A bikes that are actually pretty close to entry-level Class 2 bikes (above 400cc)

And Class 2A bikes don’t always offer much better performance than a Class 2B bike for the money (eg. a 300cc bike vs a 200cc bike)


Today, I was at a local bike dealer and I saw a 400cc Honda CB400X at nearly $18K SGD new, versus a 750cc Honda NC750X at $18.5K SGD. (Both had $6.2K COE).

A mere $500 difference for nearly double the engine capacity? Furthermore, the NC750X is a more fuel-efficient machine than the CB400X. In terms of power, the CB400X is about 17% more horsepower and 82% more max torque.

As my friend Benjamin commented on Facebook: This is a very smart strategy. It forces riders who like the NC with Class 2A to pay more because they have no choice and makes the Class 2 riders feel the NC is cheap like a Class 2A bike.

Bottomline: You have far better model and pricing choices in Class 2B (200cc or below) or Class 2 (all capacities), so don’t get stuck in Class 2A if you desire to get the best bang for your buck.


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