How did we become like this?

Forgive me if this piece seems to ramble on in different directions.

I had a meeting at the Zion Road area this week, so I took the opportunity to have breakfast at Tiong Bahru Market. After having my Hainanese Curry Rice and soya bean milk, I decided to chill out at one of the public benches in the retro estate to do my email.

Suddenly, an old woman in her 70s hurried across my view and went straight for the public trash bin and stretched her hand to fish out whatever drink cans she could find. She shoved the cans into a big red plastic bag and rushed off to the next bin.

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Being media literate during the elections

chiam by bob lee

Mr Chiam See Tong during GE 2011, by Bob Lee

I’m thankful for the work of great photographers like my friend Bob Lee, who took this photo of Opposition veteran Chiam See Tong during his elections campaign. Mr Chiam suffered a stroke some years ago, and the physical effects are obvious to everyone. However, it has not diminished any of his passion for politics or the people.

This photograph speaks more to me than all the rhetoric over the airwaves or grassy fields.

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Why I go to church

This was originally posted by me in 1999 on my old homepage.

Why go to Church?

Let me confess something first. I’ve always thought that church was boring. I sat through countless chapel sessions in my 12 years at the Anglo-Chinese schools and by the time I was Secondary One, I was thoroughly sick and tired of someone preaching up there at the pulpit. The songs that we had to sing were all the same anyway, and when I was a non-Christian (or pseudo-Christian, perhaps), they didn’t really mean anything except for a chance to rebel and just mouth the words along. One common sight during my time, and maybe even now, is that of students taking chapel to be a good time to doze off and catch up on their dreams.

And when I was asked to go to a church on a few occasions when I was young, what worse thing could happen except to see that it was little, if not different from my dreary chapel sessions? More preaching – sheesh. And the fact that I would not be able to get up late on Sundays?!? What about my cartoons?

Church? No way jose

Well, since that time, I’ve become an “ardent fan” of going to church. Not that it’s anything hip to do or that I go there to look and act holy, but church has become much more than waking up early on Sunday mornings to say your prayers and confessions. Nothing short of physical exhaustion or disembodiement will stop me from going to Leng Kwang and there are good reasons why, something I hope non-church-going Christians and non-believers out there will stop and read about here.


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