PowerPoint Basics For Those Who Give A Damn

I’ve been creating PowerPoint decks for decades – for everything from small workshops to big-scale event presentations to weekly marketing reports. I’ve had plenty of practice and I think I do decent decks.

But it makes me aghast when people don’t do their decks well. So I figured, maybe they just don’t know what they don’t know.

Then again, I worked in Microsoft (the makers of PowerPoint) and found that many colleagues also didn’t really understand the true use of PowerPoint decks. All they did was to flood each slide with a boggling amount of numbers and charts. But they were really, really good with Excel and Word, and I learned the secrets of Pivot Tables from them.

So if you’re the type who wants to give a damn about the slides you make, I’ve created a quick PowerPoint (what else) guide on how to get it right. Just click the download link below, and I’ll keep adding stuff over time. Do give me feedback or requests in the comments section below.

PDF download (V3, 7th Oct 2017)

Made just for you folks who use iOS (Macs, iPhones, etc), as you won’t be able to see the embedded fonts. Also useful if you don’t have PowerPoint installed (duh).



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